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What type of stretch tent should I buy?

What type of stretch tent should I buy?

It may not surprise you, but with a stretch tent you also have the choice between different types, just like with tube frame tents and folding tents. You can choose between Proflexx (single coated), Triflexx (double coated) or the flexxer. We will gladly explain to you which tent to use when!

stretch tent

Double coated 

Do you have a bar or restaurant with a beautiful garden or a cosy terrace, and would you like to permanently cover that terrace with a stretch tent during the summer months? Then you should choose the strongest version: Triflexx double coated. This stretch tent is made of elastic 630 g/m² fabric and is more resistant to rain and wind than the lighter single-coated version. Are you planning to leave the stretch tent up for a few weeks or months? Then double coated is the right choice.

Single coated

However, if you have a few weddings, communion parties, birthdays or other events coming up in the next few years and you want to create a nice atmosphere with a temporary stretch tent? Then single coated is sufficient. The 450 g/m² stretch fabric can perfectly be set up for a day or a weekend (possibly even a week, depending on the weather conditions). Single-coated is also sufficient for rental companies that often assemble the stretch tent for short-term use.


Do you want to set up a cosy seating area in your garden but your budget is limited? The Flexxer gives you the same atmosphere as a single or double coated stretch tent, but is lighter, more budget-friendly and easier to assemble - one stretch canvas and a maximum of four poles, it doesn't get any easier than that.

stretch tent

Whatever quality of stretch tent you choose, at Partyspace you will always find top quality at fair prices. Read all the information about our stretch tents on our website.

Do you have any questions or are you convinced and would you like to order?

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