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Do you know our Partyspace brands?

Do you know our Partyspace brands?

At Partyspace we always choose for quality. To ensure this, we have developed our own brands. Bonga stands for all kinds of stretch tents and Flexxum is our brand for folding tents. So for every event, you will find the perfect tent with us.


One of the newest brands in the Partyspace family is INOWA. With this brand we launched our own parasol line, with different models and accessories. There is something for everyone. The parasols are not only for private use, thanks to the possibility of printing, they are also very suitable for e.g. restaurants or beverage companies.


When you hear a stretch tent, we say Bonga . Since 2021 we at Partyspace have the production of stretch tents in our own hands thanks to the takeover of the production company. Craftsmanship, Belgian and customisation are the core values of Bonga. Through years of experience and the craftsmanship of the team, only the best quality is delivered. 

Thanks to the efforts of Partyspace, setting up a stretch tent has become child's play for everyone. The assembly system with clamps and straps is extremely user-friendly. Furthermore, some important adjustments were made, such as a more solid anchoring. Recently, a completely new manual was introduced, which makes it even easier to set up.


Flexxum was our very first brand and includes all folding tents. Since the establishment of Partyspace we have been specialising in folding tents, and after years of development we managed to reach perfection for our first brand. Today the Flexxum frame is of top quality and the sturdiest on the market. We offer 2 types of frames: steel or aluminium. Also for the roof fabric there are 2 possibilities: Polyester or PVC light, but with Flexxum you always choose the best quality!


This brand represents our pagoda tents. For the Bonbo tents, you can choose between tubes in scratch-free anodised aluminium or, more recently, a wooden frame. The poles have a keder profile into which the side walls slide so that the pagoda is completely wind and watertight. The side walls of the pagoda tent are also so strong that the tent can remain outside for a very long time. There are many possibilities with the pagoda: You can opt for the classic white pagoda, but also a pagoda with a panoramic roof that lets in natural light is possible. New to the Bonbo range is the pagoda in sand colour, this warm colour provides extra conviviality!


Vega is the brand of our star tents. The star tents catch the eye during any event thanks to their unique design. Vega tents are characterised by their strong hardware. The centre pole has a diameter of 75 mm and a sturdy lifting system that keeps the roof fabric nicely under tension. The star tent's roof fabric can also be fully personalised, allowing you to put together the perfect promotional tent yourself.


The name says it all: airspace is the brand of our inflatable tents. There are endless advantages to the airspace tents. Thanks to the removable and rotatable side walls, they are the ideal promotional tents. You can show the print on the outside as well as on the inside. Setting up the tent is also a piece of cake, the one pump system allows you to connect the pump to one leg and the rest of the structure is automatically inflated.


Føro was established very recently and includes our heating and lighting range. This product group is still expanding, in the future we will certainly add new products to this range. At partyspace we strive to be a one-stop shop, thanks to Føro we offer even more products to equip a complete event. For example, we have a full range of patio heaters and fire bowls, as well as various types of lighting. In short, we have everything you need to create the perfect setting!


Our youngest brand is Mobeno, Mobeno represents our own furniture line. This way we can not only finish the tents themselves to perfection, but also help you to decorate them.

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