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Cooperation between LifeLive and Partyspace at full speed

Cooperation between LifeLive and Partyspace at full speed

LifeLive was looking for a quality solution for the service park and hospitality of the FIA Cross Car Academy Trophy races. A few years ago LifeLive already bought folding tents at Partyspace and once you are used to our quality, you will certainly come back, just like Danny.

About LifeLive

LifeLive manufactures cross cars, a kind of 'buggy', composed of a steel frame and a motorbike engine, suitable for beginners and amateurs. Definitely a vehicle that will charm every motorsport fan.

As with many other motorsports, there is also a service park at cross car races where the cars are prepared, but where people also enjoy a drink after the race. A few years ago, LifeLive was looking for a solid solution for this park, as these party tents are dragged along from one race to the next. 

Since Partyspace has been a well-known name in the automotive world for years, especially when it comes to folding tents, it was logical that they also came to us to take a look. LifeLive was convinced of the convenience as well as the quality and then ordered several personalised folding tents with matching beach flags. As the tents have to travel from one location to another, we also recommended a carry bag with wheels for each tent. This way, the tents are fully protected and you can easily move them.

Hospitality is also very important in the motor sports world, so a few reception tables come in handy. It is of course nice if the style of the tent is also used there, so that everything forms a nice whole. Therefore they also ordered a number of stretch covers for reception tables with the same design as the folding tents.


Busy year ahead

LifeLive won the tender to provide the exclusive production, supply and maintenance of cross cars, as well as the organisation for the FIA Cross Car Academy Trophy (2021, 2022 and 2023) and Motorsport Games (2021 and 2023). So some extra tents would definitely come in handy. The tents would be set up frequently during the three-year contract period, so quality was again an important factor. 

In the meantime, LifeLive would not want to miss the user friendliness and the sturdiness of the Partyspace folding tents for anything in the world. That is why Danny of LifeLive again decided to rely on our products and services: "The Partyspace team is professional and customer-oriented. They listen carefully to our needs and propose pragmatic solutions. I could always count on a quick response. If the quality and service remain as they are, there will certainly be more orders."

Are you also looking for printed folding tents, beach flags or stretch covers for reception tables? Take a look at our webshop or contact us for more information.

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