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Partyspace: The one-stop-shop for your assistance park

Partyspace: The one-stop-shop for your assistance park

In rally sports, you don’t get to enjoy the facilities as known on a circuit and you have to create your own pits. On many occasions, this is in the middle of a city centre or large parking lot. 

Having a good or multiple folding tents then isn’t any excess of luxury. Next to the practical function, the tent also adds to the visibility. The car is properly placed in the spotlight and provides additional opportunities for hospitality.

Of course, it’s an added value if you can copy paste the colour(s) of your car and sponsors on the tent and create a beautiful setting. This is also an additional advantage working with Partyspace: You not only have the folding tents, but also flags, tables, chairs, table covers and all of this can get personalised. You can really go all the way. is the one-stop-shop for your assistance park:

You can find all these products under one roof and most of them can be personalized so you can put your team and your sponsors in the spotlight.

Another highlight of our products is their outstanding quality: aluminum frame with 5 years warranty on the tents, high quality fabrics on the promotools and premium printing sublimation quality in all the customized materials. That’s why, without any doubt, big sports teams, such as BMA, Lifelive and Team Coronel (Paris Dakar), trust us and keep coming back. So, if they do, why wouldn't you?

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