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Flexxum Folding Tent Aluminium Frame PRO Set - with Polyester roof

Original price €422,30 - Original price €1.224,70
Original price
€422,30 - €1.224,70
Current price €422,30
€510,98 incl. IVA
Color: White


Download the technical file and dossier of our Flexxum folding tents to always have all the technical information and details at hand. 


We have the following colors in stock: white, sand, dark blue, red, light gray, green, cream, desert sand and anthracite. 

We also have the following colors available on order: maroon, light blue, orange, yellow, ivory, lime green, fluo pink, mauve and tomato red.

The folding tent: compact & quick to set up

Folding tents offer great flexibility because they are very compact and light. The tent can be set up in just sixty seconds (by only 2 people) and contrary to what many people often think, a easy up tent is no different to other types of tents in terms of strength. Our Flexxum folding tents have been thoroughly tested and refined, as a result of which they are the strongest easy-up party tents on the market. 

The strongest frame on the market

Thanks to its aluminium frame with its square 40 x 40 mm profile (which is very compact), the Flexxum is a tent you can rely on. A square frame is much stronger than a hexagonal or octagonal frame, as the more angles the frame has, the weaker it is. In addition, all of the angles in our frame have extra reinforcement, which increases the strength of the tent. The 2.5-millimetre wall thickness is unique among folding tents. 

And all of the connectors, which are subjected to strong forces in windy conditions, are made from full aluminium, not lacquered steel or plastic. An extension has been incorporated between the two arms of the scissor elements, so that when the tent is folded, the roof cannot become trapped. At the top of each pole is a rubber protection cap which prevents the frame from tearing the roof. 

Thanks to its large 10 x 10 cm base plates, the tent is always sturdy on its feet. The characteristic green spring in the centre of the roof structure of the Flexxum easy up tents ensures that the roof fabric remains taut and the spring absorbs shocks in rough weather. We are so firmly convinced of the quality that we offer not just a two but a five-year guarantee on manufacturing defects.

Roof and side walls

The roofs and side walls are made from 320 g/m² - 420 D polyester with a PVC-coating on the inside, as a result of which, when set up correctly, the Flexxum folding tent is fully watertight (ISO 811: 294 mbar). Furthermore, all Flexxum fabrics are anti-mould, UV-blocking and fire-retardant (M1). The corners of the roof are fitted with PVC protective caps that provide extra protection for the fabric from rubbing against the frame. 

The side walls are secured with velcro along the full width of the roof, so that water cannot enter between the roof and the side walls. They are also fully secured from top to bottom with velcro around the bases of the tent, as a result of which the tent is also watertight and wind-resistant on the side and in the corners.

Options & personalisation

What’s more, our folding tents are very easy to link and expand with various options so they can be used in all types of situations. 

All Flexxum folding tents are available with personalised printing to order. If you are looking for a easy up tent that must remain set up for longer periods outdoors, you will be better off with a tent with fabric made from PVC light.

We can make your tent in almost all the colors of the rainbow. If you can't find your color, please contact our customer service.


  • Five-year guarantee on Flexxum frames
  • Aluminium connectors
  • Tents can be joined together
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Parts available separately
  • Wide range of standard colours
  • Personalised printing available


  • Unique wall thickness: 2.5 mm
  • Frame: 40 x 40 mm, reinforced in the corners
  • Polyester 320 g/m² (420 D)
  • Green spring in the roof frame: keeps the roof taut and absorbs shocks in rough weather conditions
  • Large base plates
  • Four passage heights: 192 cm | 206 cm | 220 cm | 231 cm
  • Fire-retardant (M1)
  • Anti-mould and UV-resistant fabric
  • Watertightness ISO 811: 294 mbar (= 294cm water)
  • Water-repellency ISO 4920 (spray test): 5 (= maximum achievable score)


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