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Palapa Parasol - Mixed Reed

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Palapa parasol - mixed reed

Palapa reed parasols provide a warm, summery and cosy atmosphere, wherever you position them. The ultra-strong and durable eucalyptus wood of the pole and the exotic look of the roof covering of mixed reed ensure a warm, playful appearance. The metal roof frame on which the roof covering is mounted has been treated against corrosion and is a warm, matt brown colour.

The palapa, which is also sometimes referred to as an Ibiza parasol due to its exotic appearance, is available in various formats, from 1.55 to 3.3 m in diameter. Thanks to the plastic middle layer in the roof covering, the parasols are almost completely watertight.

As these parasols have a thick pole (8 or 12 cm thick, according to size), regular parasol bases are not suitable for supporting these parasols. You can sink the parasols into the ground or make use of the optionally available parasol bases.

Assembly is simple. You only have to mount the roof frame on the pole (best done by two people). The roof covering panels can then be easily clicked into position on the roof frame by one person. The entire job will take no more than an hour.

Take a look at this parasol with other roof covering:

  • Palapa parasol with roof of natural reed
  • Palapa parasol with roof of palm makuti

Supplied as standard:

  • 1 x roof structure 
  • 1 x clamping bracket + 4 x roof supports
  • 3 x roof covering 
  • 1 x roof cone
  • 1 x pole 


  • Total height (if mounted according to manual): 2.21 m
  • Total weight with roof covering: 42 kg
  • Water tightness: 98%
  • Material: eucalyptus wood
  • Life: 12-15 years


  • Size:
  • Structure Material:
  • Cloth Material:
  • Cloth Material Info:
  • Length:
  • Weight of Fabric:
  • Width:
  • Surface:
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Walk Throught Height:
  • Number of Persons Standing:
  • Maximum People Standing:
  • Number of Persons Sitting:
  • Maximum People Sitting:
  • Tubes Diameter:
  • Included Parts:
  • Box Length:
  • Box Width:
  • Box Height:
  • Tubes Wall Thickness:
  • Additional Information:
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