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Tiki cabane - synthetic reed - ø 1.60 x 1 m

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This tiki cabane will transport you to a beach in Madagascar or a holiday resort in the Maldives at the click of a finger. The ultra-strong eucalyptus wood and the exotic look of the roof covering of makuti palm ensure a warm, playful appearance.

The tiki cabane can also serve perfectly as an information kiosk, bar, meeting point, entrance control etc... 

The tiki cabane is fully watertight, thanks to its wooden roof structure to which the roof covering panels are nailed or screwed. The cabane also includes a number of full and half walls and a wall with a door.

Allow around 45 minutes for assembly by two people.

Please note! The structure is self-supporting, but in windy conditions (≥ 85 km/h | ≥ 8 beaufort) we strongly advise that the tiki hut should be anchored to the ground, on a hard surface with metal, L-shaped brackets (not included) and on a soft surface with tent pegs and tension straps (not included).

Take a look at this tiki hut with other roof covering:

  • Tiki cabane with roof of palm makuti

Supplied as standard:

  • 1 x watertight wooden roof pack (in two parts)
  • 12 x flat roof panel (80 x 45 x 2.5 cm, 1.5 kg)
  • 2 x closed panel (160 x 210 cm)
  • 1 x half door panel (100 x 210 cm)
  • 1 x closed panel (100 x 210 cm)


  • Total height: 2.47 m
  • Inner area: 1,6 m²
  • Total weight: 227 kg
  • Material: eucalyptus wood
  • Life: 20 years


  • Size: ø 1.60 x 1 m
  • Length: 160
  • Width: 100
  • Height: 247
  • Weight: 227
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