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Nebrija to Dakar - Nebrija University shifts up a gear with Flexxum folding tents

Nebrija to Dakar - Nebrija University shifts up a gear with Flexxum folding tents

The automotive and mechanical engineering area of Nebrija University created the "Nebrija to Dakar project " with the aim of adding an educational and technological aspect to a sporty challenge, which consists in redesigning and technologically improving a car to compete in the Dakar Rally 2023. This way, Nebrija to Dakar aims to contribute to the professional and personal development of their students, placing value on practical training as an academic format to prepare the professionals of the future of the car industry.

Being self-sufficient is key

During rally races, you don’t have facilities like on a circuit. You even have to provide your own pits. In the case of the Dakar Rally, the pits are in the middle of the desert, where temperatures are sky high during the day and cold as ice during the night. A tent comes in more than handy then. Apart from the practical function, a personalised tent also increases the visibility, while keeping the vehicles in the spotlight. The personalized flags also help increasing the visibility. 

Top quality and visual appearance united

When the team started looking for marquees to replace the ones they already had, they were looking for a supplier that stood out because of the product quality and the visual appearance of the marquees. “We chose the Flexxum folding tents from Partyspace because of the visual appeal and the quality of the products they offer”, explains Paula Narros, communication and marketing manager for the Nebrija to Dakar project. “The quality of the marquees is exceptional, the material is resistant and they are easy to assemble. Moreover, Partyspace not only provided us with a comfortable working area so that the members of the sports structure can carry out their work in the best possible way, they also allowed us to achieve a much more professional image.”

Personal approach

“From the very first moment, the Partyspace team has been very attentive to solve all our doubts and answer all our questions about the product. Thanks to the personal approach, we have experienced the collaboration as extremely successful. At all times the people from Partyspace, and Natalia in particular, have advised us in the best possible way, taking our particular needs into account.”

And the service is not the only thing that the people of team Nebrija to Dakar could appreciate. “Of course, the most important thing is that the goods are of extremely good quality. There was literally nothing we didn’t like about the tents we purchased. Without a shred of doubt we would recommend working with Partyspace”, Paula Narros concludes.


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